SLIMLINE Security Push Button Hooks

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The SLIMLINE Gallery System Hooks generally ship within 3 working days from your order and payment confirmation.


The adjustable Slimline Hanging Hooks fit onto the Stainless Steel cable or Clear Tape hanger. They slide up or down the vertical hanger and lock into place either by tightening with an Allen key (Standard hook) or by using the button (Push-button hook).

As with the cables the Gallery Hanging System Hooks are sold in packs of 10. Selecting a quantity of 1 means you have selected one pack of 10 hooks... 2 means you have selected two packs, or 20 hooks... and so on. Keep in mind that large art pieces are usually hung on two cables, which means you would need 2 hooks per artwork.

Hook Options:

  • Security Push-button Hooks (for Stainless Steel Cable Hangers only)
    A new addition to the Gallery Hanging System. These hooks provide greater piece of mind and are the perfect solution to help avoid and discourage snatch and run art theft. The cable behind your art is held captive behind the metal security latch. A prospective thief would need to take time to release the cable (if they know the secret!) before attempting to steal the art. The Push-button Security hook has all the same easy-to-use features as the normal Push-button hook.

  • Mini Allen-key Hooks (suitable for Slimline Clear Tape and Stainless Steel Cable Hangers)
    The standard Slimline Mini Hook (pack of 10) can be used with both Slimline Clear Tape and Slimline Stainless Steel Cable hangers. The hook locks in place using the Allen-key supplied in each pack. The recommended weight on one hook attached to a Stainless Steel cable is 15kg and 7kg when using the Slimline Clear Tape hanger. If you intend hanging two or more pictures per hanger keep in mind that the recommended weight on one Stainless Steel cable remains 15kgs... and the maximum recommended weight on a Clear Plastic Hanger strap is still 7kgs.

  • Push-button Hooks (suitable for Stainless Steel Cable Hangers only)
    The Push-button hook allows for tool-free and effortless operation as you simply slide the hook upward or push the button on top to slide the hook down to a new position. Release the button for a vice-like grip which will hold up to 15kgs on the Slimline cable and track option. If you intend hanging two or more pictures per cable keep in mind that the recommended weight on one cable is 15kg for the Slimline Hanging System.
IMPORTANT: Use two hangers and hooks for all pictures weighing over the recommended maximum hook weight. During the hanging process, ensure the weight of the picture is evenly distributed on both hooks at ALL times. This will prevent overloading one hook which may result in damage to the hook or hanger. 

How to Order:

  • How many artworks do you have to install? Will you be hanging your artwork on one or two cables per artwork? Having ascertained your needs simply select your required type and quantity of Hanging System Hooks and click the 'Add to Cart' button. Remember the Cables are sold in packs of 10.


  • Installing the Gallery Hanging System Track requires drilling into and precise cutting of the aluminium track.

  • If you require a professional installation, then please contact The Hangman on 083 600 7846.