Original Gallery System HANGING TRACK

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The Gallery System Track is generally always in stock and ships within 3 working days from order and payment confirmation. Add 7-10 working days for special colour powder coating requests.

Original Gallery System HANGING TRACK

The Gallery System Aluminium Hanging Track allows you the freedom to display, move & adjust, or change your picture or artwork collection fast and effortlessly providing art display the professional way.

This extruded aluminium Gallery System Track is one of the strongest tracks on the market. It comes in 3m lengths and can easily be cut to any required size using a hacksaw, or for greater accuracy an electric mitre saw.

Colour Options:

  • Standard Satin Silver Anodised Aluminium
  • Matt White Powder Coated

How to Order:

  1. Decide on how many running metres of wallspace you would like to install the Gallery Hanging System on. Is it a whole room or just a feature wall? Measure the length of the wall/s involved and divide the total running metres by 3 (3m = 1 length of track). So if you have 22 running metres of wallspace it would be 22 ÷ 3 = 7.3 lengths of track. This means you would need to order 8 lengths of Hanging System Track. Keep in mind that there will be a certain waste factor on the track installation.

  2. You no doubt have a good idea how many artworks you have to install.
    Tip: Your artworks will hang permanently level with 2 cables and hooks per piece. You also may want to hang 2 or 3 pieces together, one below the other - which means 1 or 2 cables, but more hooks.

  3. Having ascertained your needs simply select your required quantity of Hanging System Track and click the 'Add to Cart' button.
    Remember: Selecting a quantity of 1 means you have selected a single 3m length... 2 means you have selected 2 x 3m or 6m in total... and so on.


  • Installing the Gallery Hanging System Track requires a drill, a hacksaw or Mitre saw, a screw driver, a 5mm steel drill bit and 5mm screws and plugs (Please Note: Screws and plugs are not included).
  • Start, if needed, by cutting the track to the length required for your wall.
  • Next, measure out and drill the screw holes. As a general rule the recommended spacing between screw holes can range from 20 to 50cm. Keep in mind that heavier art will need more support, and thus closer spacing of the screws.
  • If you require a professional installation, then please contact The Hangman on 083 600 7846.
Don’t forget to order Gallery System Hooks and Gallery System Hanging Cables if needed.